Ⓜ️ Manta Exchange coupon usage guidebook
Ⓜ️Manta Exchange Coupon Usage Guide

Coupon usage information

Meet Manta Exchange’s latest product, coupons. Manta Exchange coupon is based on Deribit, the world’s largest cryptocurrency options trading platform, and is a product that anyone can easily use by combining the advantages of its financial products. At the time of settlement, you can determine whether the market price is higher or lower than the predicted price and select a coupon (buy/sell). The result is that there are only two possibilities: the prediction is right or it is wrong. Anyone can make a corresponding profit if their prediction is correct, and everyone from beginners to experienced traders can easily understand and use it.
Before purchasing coupons, you must deposit USDT into your spot account. After depositing, you can select a coupon based on cryptocurrency type (e.g. BTC), predicted price, and settlement cycle. After completing your selection, click “Buy Now” to complete your purchase. Below is a detailed explanation of coupon purchases.

1. Deposit to spot account    You can recharge USDT or transfer USDT from futures account to spot account on the “Assets” page of the Manta Exchange app.
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Alternatively, you can log into the Manta Exchange website to top up your wallet or transfer USDT from your futures account to your spot account.
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2. Access the coupon page
Click “Coupons” on the Manta Exchange app or website to enter the coupon page.
(Currently only supported in apps.)
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3. Select a coupon
After selecting the desired coupon (buy/sell) on the coupon page, you can select the cryptocurrency you want to predict (e.g. BTC) and the predicted price. The closer the market price is to the forecast price, and the longer it stays close, the higher your profits.
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4. Purchase coupons
Confirm the quantity of the selected coupon and click “Purchase” to automatically deduct the corresponding amount of USDT from your spot account. (Note: Due to market price fluctuations, an additional 10% will be deducted from your purchase, and will be automatically refunded to your spot account upon completion of purchase.)
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(* Buy (X) Sell (o) )     

5. Hold coupons and settle maturity
After completing the purchase, check your coupons on the purchase history and asset pages and wait for settlement at maturity. There are no additional transaction fees charged for holding coupons.
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(* Current possession (x) Current possession (o) )  
(* , (x) . (o) )  

6 Receive Profit  When the settlement maturity date of each coupon comes, the system automatically processes the settlement. Once settlement is complete, your USDT profits will be automatically transferred to your spot account. You can track your records and achievements in ‘Past History’.
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✅    Manta Exchange free membership registration

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