Manta Exchange bonus (referral reward) structure map

Currently, referral compensation is provided based on the coupon purchase amount.
Manta Exchange’s plan is to proceed in the order of coupon product sales > futures and options trading > spot trading.

It is said that they are currently taking steps to prepare for the Korean Won market in Korea.
Just as the referral bonus has grown enormously on Binance as it grows in the order of spot > futures.

I expect Manta will go that way too.
If the process is completed in the order of coupon > gift > in-kind as above, those who move ahead and secure many members
will see the referral bonus they receive from Manta increase by more than ten times.

Therefore, right now!! Securing a large number of free members is more important than ever.

Join Manta and focus on securing as many members as possible by using your referrals!!!
It is also a good idea to take advantage of the new sign-up event currently underway.

Manta Exchange Bonus (Referral Compensation) Structure Figure 1

Now then, let’s get started.

revenue finance

Where is the revenue source for Manta Exchange’s referral rewards?
In the case of Binance’s referral reward, the transaction fee for cryptocurrency transactions
is compensated only for one device that I personally introduced.

There are already people out there who are making huge profits just by doing that.

I’m curious about their lives.
This is how big profits come in every day^^

Manta Exchange bonus (referral reward) structure chart 2

When I entered today, the first place winner received 8.14 BTC.
This is the daily profit received through trading today.

The source of this enormous referral revenue is transaction fees.

Binance’s transaction fee is approximately 0.1% of the transaction amount.
You’re getting this huge bonus at just 0.1%.

So then, what is the source of Manta Exchange’s referral rewards?
The compensation is based on 100% of the option coupon purchase amount that was first started on the exchange.
(The entire coupon purchase amount, not the coupon purchase fee, becomes a financial resource.)
We will discuss coupon purchases in another post.
Many of you probably know that the options market is also incredibly large.

100% of the coupon purchase amount purchased by members

50% will subscribe to insurance
and 20%
will share 30% of the company’s profits as referral compensation.

Now, let’s take a look at what kind of bonuses the 30% divided like this is.

1. Referral Bonus

Manta Exchange Bonus (Referral Compensation) Structure Figure 3
Manta Exchange bonus (referral reward) structure chart 4

The referral bonus is available for a total of 2 units.
The person I personally introduced is the 1st generation, and the person introduced by the 1st generation becomes the 2nd generation from me.
If you sign up using my introduction link, you will be registered as a member in my account.
This allows infinite number of people to join, whether 10 or 100.

Assuming each person informs 10 people, my 2nd generation will have 100 people.
1st referral bonus: 10% of the coupon purchase amount purchased by the 1st member.
2nd referral bonus: 5% of the coupon purchase amount purchased by the 2nd member.

This profit cannot be ignored, and if we continue to spread the word, people like me will come out willing to work hard.
Try to get at least one person to sign up for free membership per day.
No one knows who will create something incredible.
Consistency is the answer^^
The first step is important.

2. Sponsorship bonus

Manta Exchange bonus (referral reward) structure chart 5
Manta Exchange bonus (referral reward) structure chart 6

In the case of sponsorship, all people who join the company after I sign up will join in one line below me.
In this way, sponsorship bonuses are earned from me to people in their 20s.
0.5% of the coupon amount purchased by people in their 20s and up
will be generated as a sponsorship bonus.

So the sooner you sign up, the better.
This sponsorship bonus is a bonus you receive as a bonus^^

3. Rank bonus

Manta Exchange bonus (referral reward) structure chart 7
Manta Exchange bonus (referral reward) structure chart 8

The rank bonus is set at 5%, but I think of this as Manta’s flower.
This means that if you reach a certain level through a certain amount of effort, you can receive 5% of the company’s total sales,
which means you will have a stake in the company.

This profit is likely to be the largest because it is a profit that only those in position can have.
I listened to the story of someone who has currently achieved rank 1, the first rank, and

it is said that the daily income he is currently receiving is about 50 million won per year.
This will be a huge profit as you will receive a steady stream of royalties income.

There are a total of 4 positions.
◆ Rank 1
If one group’s coupon purchase amount exceeds $1000 per day, and all other groups excluding this group add up to $1000, I become Rank 1.
◆ 2 Ranks
If I get 1 rank from each of the 2 groups, I will be ranked 2.
◆ Rank 3
If 2 ranks are obtained from each of the 2 groups and 1 rank is obtained from one group, then I become rank 3.
◆ Rank 4
If 3 ranks are obtained from each of the 3 groups and 2 ranks are obtained from one group, then I become rank 4.

All rewards above accrue and come in daily.

Conditions for receiving a referral bonus
However, to receive the referral bonus above, you must purchase the coupon more than once.
Coupon prices vary widely, starting from $2 (about 2,600 won).
You can purchase coupons directly, and if you press the automatic button, the purchase will be made automatically once a day.
I will post about this automatic part separately.

I tried it and it wasn’t that difficult. ^^
It seems like it would be a good idea to turn it on automatically in order to receive the second sponsorship bonus.
I took this to mean that I was activating my account.

If you just sign up and stay still, you will make profits.^^
Manta has just begun.

When asked if they know Binance, almost everyone around them says they know.
If you ask them if they know about mantas, 99.9% of people don’t.

This is the moment of opportunity, now is the time for us to act.
All you have to do is move consistently.

Manta Exchange bonus (referral reward) structure chart 9

This is the Manta Exchange signup link.

If you have not yet registered as a member, please do so and keep informing your acquaintances.
Then, my group will naturally grow.

Introduction to Manta Exchange and information on free referral profit structure

“Download PPT”

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